We think we can do better.

Why this podcast?

Business is changing. The profit-at-all-cost narrative went extinct. But what’s next? No idea. That’s why we meet with people who are in business to lead by example — and sometimes become role models for their entire industry. So we learn a thing or two – and you can, too!

What initially started as an internal research project of WAY, is slowly developing into a tribe of like-minded entrepreneurs and curious minds.

Occasionally we gather, collaborate and celebrate. Keep your eyes peeled!

Most popular episode

E04 Klaus Thomsen, Coffee Collective

We talk about

Purpose & Profit
Work Culture
Business Philosophy
Meaning of Work

We’re here to


Tell the story of said idealists and how they make a difference.


Translate insights and nudge more companies in a better direction.


Spark discussions and form a community of future-optimists.

Meet your hosts

Silja is a community-builder by heart. With her background in brand and communication strategy, she runs (curates, organises, produces and hosts) The Idealists.

Simon loves to ponder the connections between society, culture and business. As a designer and creative technologist, he builds everything tech at The Idealists. Also hosts the show.

Send us a tweet or drop us a line if you want to take part in any way. Or join us every second Tuesday on Spotify or Apple Podcasts.